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Planting herbs and vegetables

We use a lot of fresh herbs in our cooking and we always rely on buying little bags of herbs from the supermarket.

Although convenient I always find that we end up with leftover herbs going rotten and to waste, plus they are quite expensive for what is essentially a few limp leaves in a plastic bag.

So I have started attempting to preserve the shop brought herbs by freezing them- I used this guide on how to freeze herbs in a muffin tray from the blog entitled “thanks for the food”- you can visit the blog for more detailed instructions here.

We are novice gardeners and all our previous attempts at gardening have gone awry but now we have a nice manageable little garden space, and a toddler who might be interested in growing and nature I thought it would be good to try our hand at a little bit of basic gardening again- and what better way to test out your green fingers than growing your own herbs!

planting herbs for beginners
Rosemary and mint pots

We have gone for a few hardy herbs to begin with that we use regularly- Rosemary and mint, plus we also have lemon thyme already growing in the garden border. We brought the plants from the local garden centre as we are not yet confident growing things from seed!

Rocket and mixed salad leaves
Rocket and mixed salad leaves

But we have also started attempting to grow salad on the window sill from seed- rocket which we use every week, and mixed salad leaves. Plus we have tomatoes in the out house that we are growing from cuttings that a friend gave us from her garden, and they are doing really well!

tomato plants

Hopefully despite the initial outgoing cost if the plants survive our not so green fingers we will be able to reduce waste and save a bit of money through joining the “growing our own” revolution! We will keep you informed!

Tomato flower!
Tomato flower!

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