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Joe’s toddler #OOTD (That’s outfit of the day to you and me)

Joe is very lucky to have some very posh clothes in his wardrobe, mainly due to his grandparents being unable to resist buying him fancy togs from John Lewis. Every few weeks they come round, arms laden with cute outfits for Joe to wear- many items get chocolate on within three seconds flat but they love to buy him posh clothes nonetheless. Joe also has a large collection of one of a kind handmade clothes in his wardrobe courtesy of his very talented Nanny who is a bit of an expert when it comes to knitting.

I’m in to my fashion bloggers and follow a lot of plus size bloggers on instagram, one of the posts many of them do is #OOTD (outfit of the day) where they photograph themselves wearing their well thought out outfits and explain where they got the items from, why they chose them etc.


Being as I buy an item of new clothing about once every thousand years for myself it would be useless me doing #OOTD posts about my style but I thought it would be cute to do a few #OOTD posts on Instagram for Joe’s outfits so everyone can appreciate how cool he looks in his fancy clothes (before they get destroyed by toddlerdom). He often gets compliments on his outfits when we are out and about- obviously it helps that he’s amazingly handsome (biased? moi?) and would look cute in a plastic bag- but a lot of it is to do with granny and grandpa’s shopping addiction and Nanny’s knitting needles.

Saying that though, many of Joe’s clothes are second or even third hand from very generous friends and family, from supermarkets or in sales, and some of the items I love best have come from previously loving homes.

Here’s the #OOTD pictures I took last week- let me know if you like the posts!


toddler outfit of the day, kids clothes toddler fashion
Sunday’s #OOTD

Outfit details: Dinosaur vest, nautical socks and boat T-shirt all from John Lewis. The trousers are 2nd hand but originally from Jasper Conran Kids at Debenhams. All the clothes shown here are for age 2-3 years.


toddler outfit of the day, kids clothes toddler fashion
Monday’s OOTD

outfit details: Joe is wearing a navy blue t-shirt by Maman JO-Jo Bebe, trousers are 2nd hand originally from jasper conran kids at debenhams, boots are from mothercare and the wonderful thomas the tank engine cardigan is handmade by joe’s nanny teresa woodruff (my very talented mom) again all clothes above are age 2-3

toddler outfit of the day, kids clothes toddler fashion
Tuesday’s OOTD

Outfit details: We had a pj day on tuesday sorting through joe’s toys to give to charity before his influx of new toys for his birthday. PJ top is from the little white company and the nappy is pampers active fit!

toddler outfit of the day, kids clothes toddler fashion
Wednesday’s #OOTD

Outfit details: Vest Mama’s and papa’s, jeans with fire engine detail are from blue zoo at debenhams and the t-shirt is from maman bebe jo-jo all age 2-3 years apart from the jeans which are 18-24 months.

toddler outfit of the day, kids clothes toddler fashion
Thursday’s #OOTD

outfit details: this was joe’s birthday! Joe is wearing t-shirt and joggers both from ted baker (birthday presents from g-ma and g-pa) and a vintage engine drivers hat that used to be daddy’s when he was a little boy.


toddler outfit of the day, kids clothes toddler fashion
Friday’s #OOTD

Outfit details: vest mama’s and papa’s, t-shirt from next (birthday present from auntie lynne and uncle james) joggers from blue zoo at debenhams and socks from john lewis. (all age 2-3 years)

toddler outfit of the day, kids clothes toddler fashion
Birthday party #OOTD!

Outfit details: Party hat from toys r us, Badge from birthday card, t-shirt and dungarees from maman bebe jo jo. THe dungarees are for 2-3 years but are massive and had to be rolled up several times throughout the day and were eventually removed to help optimise playing ability! but they looked fancy!


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