Easy and delicious loaf cake recipes from www.rrandj.wordpress.com

Easy and delicious loaf cake recipes!

Easy and delicious loaf cake recipes from www.rrandj.wordpress.com
Easy and delicious loaf cake recipes from http://www.rrandj.wordpress.com

Loaf cakes are easy, versatile and definitely tasty, a great option if you are having friends over for coffee or for a low key, not too sweet pud. They can also be spruced up to make delicious and impressive desserts or you can even have a slice for breakfast when you’re in a rush or in need of a treat.

They are great for us to have in for Joe as well! He has cystic fibrosis and needs a high calorie diet- a buttered slice of loaf cake is  great as a tasty homemade snack after a hard mornings play!

Here is a round up of all the loaf cake recipes from rrandj.wordpress.com, plus a new one that I have just tried this week! Let me know if you try any of the recipes and happy baking!

Rosemary loaf cake

This is a recipe from Nigella’s Domestic Goddess cook book- it makes a lovely, moist loaf cake. It’s not too sweet with a hint of savoury from the rosemary and is perfect with an afternoon cuppa. She also suggests sprucing it up as a dessert by serving with some sweet, softly cooked stewed apples, we haven’t tried this yet but sounds very tempting!


250g butter at room temperature, diced

200g golden caster sugar

3 large eggs

210g self-raising flour

90g plain flour

splash vanilla extract

leaves from a 10cm stalk of rosemary, chopped small with scissors

4 tablespoons of milk

1 tablespoon golden caster sugar, extra for dusting


Preheat oven to 170C and grease and line a 23cmx13x loaf tin- or do as I did and use a silicone baking mould which I find never needs lining.

Cream the butter and add the sugar together with an electric mixer if you have one or by hand if not until the butter is very pale and creamy.

Beat in eggs one at a time, folding in a heaped spoonful of flour after each addition, and then add the rest of the flour, sifted, then the vanilla and the rosemary and mix until combined and the rosemary runs through the cake in little green specks.

Add milk if desired to get a soft consistency and then scrape into your prepared tin or mould.

Sprinkle over the top some more golden caster sugar or brown sugar to taste to give the cake a delightfully crunchy sweet topping and then bake for 50-60 minutes/until a skewer comes out clean.

Leave to cool in the tin for ten minutes, then turn out onto a wire wrack to cool completely- it can be stored in an airtight container for up to a week.


More loaf cake recipes to try- click on the links to get the recipes! 

Lemon infused Madeira Cake

Lemon infused Madeira Cake 

This recipe is based on the lemon madeira cake in the river cottage bakery book and the original recipe is very similar only it uses more lemons and doesn’t use mixed peel or thyme. For the full recipe click here!

Mincemeat cake

Mincemeat cake

This recipe uses the same recipe as the lemon drizzle cake but alternatively you insert mincemeat into the centre of the cake and decorate with flaked almonds rather than making a drizzle. To get the full recipe click here!


Lemon drizzle cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Try this recipe for lemon drizzle cake- it’s by far the best recipe I have used but also one of the simplest! Please give it a try at home if you get chance. It keeps in a tin for around 5 days but it definitely won’t last that long in our house! Get recipe HERE! 



It’s very tasty just on its own with a cuppa, or delicious as a dessert warmed with ice cream- get the recipe Here!

Date and Banana Loaf cake

date and banana loaf cake

There’s nothing quite like a nice slice of banana bread with a cup of coffee in the morning but its nice to change it up a little and to try something a bit different so I made this date and banana loaf which is pretty much the same principle just with the addition of some tasty dates- turns out Joe is a fan of dried fruit! Get the recipe HERE!

Marmalade Cake

Marmalade Cake 

This recipe is based on the recipe for “Thick Cut Marmalade Loaf with orange icing” in the Peyton and Byrne British Baking book.

To get the recipe click Here!

Hope you enjoy trying these loaf cake recipes!


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