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Message of thanks from Sarah to all who donated to #CFTrust

After her run and all the fundraising Sarah has a few words to say to all of you who donated and are still donating to the CF Trust:



 Well, you all probably now know that I completed it!  Yay!  Although I had trained hard, I am still amazed I actually crossed the finish line.  I was so nervous but it was amazing to see my surprise visitors, Rach and Rob at the start line, this probably made me more nervous haha!! 

 The course itself took me ages!  2 hours, 50 minutes and 48 seconds to be precise.  It just over 10 minutes under my secret and personal 3 hour goal so I was chuffed.  Most of the photos taken after show me looking completely and utterly amazed and full of sugar….. and ahem….. a lot goofy!  I ached a lot on Monday, I struggled with the stairs on Tuesday, and today I don’t feel too bad at all, (yes I am shocked too!), it has all been so very worth it.

 I can’t thank you all enough for your very kind donations.  They are still coming in today which is both overwhelming and amazing.  Between receiving them and watching DIY SOS tonight I am feeling extremely emotional about it all!  I look at the running total with tears in my eyes.  It’s at an amazing £1014.50!!!! This is an incredible amount and extremely vital to The CF Trust for their ongoing research. Truly  I can’t stop smiling!  Thank you again!

 In regards to next year’s fundraiser, it is already under way!  It is a completely different approach to the fundraising I have done for The CF Trust so far.  My friend Becky has had a dream of arranging a charity wedding ball for quite some time.  Although it is predominantly her project, I will be helping her out.  She has kindly said she would like The CF Trust to benefit from the ball along with three other charities.  If anyone would like tickets or further information, please let me know.

Thank you again everyone so so much,

Lots of Love, Sarah xxx

If you would like to still donate or read more about this fundraising challenge please go to THIS website!


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