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Art project based on Cystic Fibrosis

A few weeks ago I started going to an art group, it’s very informal- we basically  just meet up at each others houses to dedicate 2 hours to art a week. So far I have really enjoyed it and it has re-ignited my passion and interest in art, plus has given me a reason to prioritise some of my time to art for art’s sake.

Since leaving university I haven’t really focused on art at all unless it was to make a gift for someone else- all my creativity has been focused towards crafting, baking and toddler activities!

But now I have my art group I can experiment a bit more and use art to express myself and even as a therapeutic tool.

It took me a while to think about what exactly I wanted to paint, but then a pretty glaringly obvious theme struck me! I decided to explore issues and emotions around having a child with cystic fibrosis. Doing an art project like this means that I’m not making art purely for aesthetic reasons, but to express thoughts, feelings and emotions about that subject. It was quite freeing to make something that is not purely decorative, but had a deeper meaning.

So anyway, here’s a look at the picture I’ve been working on …..

lungs, 65roses, cystic fibrosis project
lung, anatomical drawing, cystic fibrosi , 65 roses
close up
cystic fibrosis, art, 65roses

It started as a black and white anatomical drawing of some lungs but then I decided to add the roses in the background which are finished in watercolour pencil and ink.

The roses link to the well known story of the child who had cystic fibrosis but could not pronounce it so called it “65 roses” instead. The 65 roses club is a group of people who have raised a significant amount of money for Cystic Fibrosis charities.

The lungs are obviously related to the area of the body that is most recognised when we talk about CF, but in the future I want to create more pictures along a similar vein that emphasise the other parts of the body and mind that are affected by CF, the things that are less known about, and less talked about.

Let me know what you think, and what the picture says to you.


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