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We Stand Together, United in HOPE not hate

In this blog I don’t normally ever discuss current events or politics unless it is Cystic Fibrosis Based, or has to do with raising a toddler! And I don’t profess to know a lot about politics or current events.

But recently, not just because of the horrific events in Paris on Friday the 13th, but that certainly highlighted it to me, I just wanted to get a few things off my chest regarding the epidemic of fear and hatred that seems to be infiltrating people at the moment.

I may not know a lot about politics, but I do know that :

you cannot successfully combat hate with more hate.

The horrific attacks by the ISIS group on Friday in Paris were disgusting and terrifying. As are the many other atrocities, attacks, war crimes and acts of genocide that they have committed around the world. I for one, as I know most other people in Europe and the rest of the world of course want, to see those responsible for such heinous crimes punished and eradicated.

The terrorists are fueled by hate, hate for Western civilisation, hate towards our values, hate for freedom and liberty and democracy.

They hate our values which are:

  • democracy
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

So in order to fight back against these terrorists we should instil these values in our children and live according to these values everyday.

What the Terrorists want is to create divisions between communities. They want to stir up hatred between Non muslims and Muslims so that the Muslim communities across the world have no choice but to turn to and follow the terrorists.

So the more divisions you put between communities, the more you harbour hate for other people the more you are supporting terrorism.

So the more “Britain First” posts you like (Which are in themselves an extremist, far right Christian group) and share their “patriotic” and anti islam posts on Facebook that are basically just anti Muslim hate and racism, the more you are NOT supporting the values of our country, the more you are NOT supporting Democracy, the more you are NOT helping your country.

The more you buy racist, scaremongering newspapers that try to vilify innocent people who are trying to escape from the atrocities in Syria and around the world, the more you are NOT supporting the values of your country.

The more you blindly follow and support mindless, racist political groups such as Britain First and the BNP without even really knowing what they stand for the more you are doing the terrorists work for them.

The more you HATE and harbour hate for other people, groups or communities the more you are not supporting the values of your country.

The more intolerance you show for those with different faiths and beliefs the more you are NOT supporting the values of your country.

Why can people not learn from the mistakes of the past? The atrocities of mass genocide in World War Two as just one example- hatred and racism towards one religious group- most people would never in a million years compare yourselves to the people who stood by and allowed the slaughter of millions of Jewish people due to scaremongering and scapegoating and racism and right wing extremism. Yet now so many of us happily “like” a right wing extremist groups posts on Facebook and swallow any hollow lie told by right wing newspapers. You are scapegoating people, human beings, who just so happen to have a different faith, beliefs and culture to yours.

Do you want to be a part of the problem or the solution?

We are all scared. We all want to keep our families safe and we all think these terrorists are scum. But these terrorists have nothing to do with the Muslim families in this country that are quietly practicing their religion, they are nothing to do with the many non-western, innocent people who are just trying to live in a country where they are afforded respect and tolerance for their beliefs.

So please stop scapegoating people, stop harbouring more hate, stop doing what the terrorists want you to do.

Think of how much energy and time you exert hating people, hating difference, hating otherness. Imagine a world where you expend that energy on doing or saying something positive.

Life is hard enough, scary enough as it is. Every day life, mundane things are hard. Why create more hardship for yourself and others by harbouring hatred?

As Nick Lowel said on his Hope not hate blog:

These are dangerous times but it is at moments like this that ordinary people need to stand up and be counted. We need to stand together against the Islamist extremism that appears to have been behind the attacks in Paris. And we also have to stand together to ensure that there is no right wing backlash that splits communities further and targets ordinary Muslims who had nothing to do with these attacks.

We Stand Together, United in HOPE not hate.”

Ok, rant over.


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