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Further update and gratitude Friday #cysticfibrosis

SO, just to update you further about Joe, he has been prescribed a 5 day course of a different type of antibiotic which will be reviewed after the 5 days. If he’s still not better they will most likely continue with this antibiotic (which works as an anti-inflammatory) for 5 more days and if that doesn’t work I’m afraid it may be off to hospital for two weeks of IV’s….fingers and toes crossed everybody that that doesn’t have to happen- I hear being stuck in the hospital hooked up to IV’s is not supposed to get you in the festive spirit.

It’s not looking great so far as he has now decided he doesn’t want to eat and was having severe coughing fits today so forceful that they resulted in him gagging and nearly throwing up.

The sound of him coughing all night is turning me and Rob into nervous wrecks.

Not happy times at the moment.

So I suppose this would be a good point to practice some gratitude.

Even in the worst of times there is something to be grateful for, such as…

  • The brilliant staff at Joe’s hospital who come out to the house to give him cough swabs and listen to his chest. They organise medications, give advice, offer support. They do all they can to help Joe keep well.
  • Antibiotics. Just imagine a world without them. What kind of life would my son have without antibiotics, it doesn’t bear thinking about. (Even if he does have to have IV’s  at least they are there to make him well.)
  • The support of friends and family and the people who read my blog- at the slightest inference that Joe may be a bit under the weather we receive so many concerned phone calls, supportive messages and offers for help. Thank you everyone so much for caring about our little one.
  • Thank you to Grandpa for taking us out this morning- me and Joe have spent a lot of time cooped up in the house with only the sound of batman cartoons and coughing fits for company for the past few weeks. It was good to get out and about and to visit somewhere new.
  • Mainly I am grateful that Joe is NOT in hospital now! Everyday that Joe isn’t in hospital is a blessing! Even if he is unwell at least he is at home- we plan to make the most of every moment he is well enough to sleep in his own bed (Even if it’s a cough disturbed sleep.)
  • lebkuchen. You gotta love lebkuchen.

Happy Friday!



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