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Couples advent calendar


Things are getting very festive in the RRandJ household- we’re not going to let a little RSV virus and Cystic Fibrosis dampen our Christmas spirits!

This year I want to have a very festive, magical Christmas and make the most of the season with my loved ones. The tree is up, we have an open box of quality street on the side and a bottle of port in the cupboard- its officially Christmas!

This month I’m going to either delight or bore you with lots of Christmassy stuff that we have been up to!

First off, is the couple’s advent calendar that I have made! Each number has a christmassy thing to do together written on the back to provide festive inspiration.

All I did was print off these free advent calendar dates from the simpleasthat blog, cut them out, write the events on the back and hang them up with cute little pegs that are typically used to hang up christmas cards.


Here are some examples of the activities written on the back of the dates:

  • bake mince pies and share them with family
  • buy some christmas pyjamas
  • kiss under the mistletoe
  • visit a christmas market
  • drive around looking at christmas lights
  • have a cheese and port evening
  • make paper snowflakes
  • make a christmas playlist
  • make mulled wine or cider
  • have dinner by candle and fairy light
  • look at christmas cookbooks together and plan some festive feasts!

It may be the 4th December but you’ve still got time to do one yourself if the mood takes you! Its a great way to add some extra festivity and romance to December, and is a great way to try and establish some family Christmas traditions!




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