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A Positive post!

For the past few months it’s been a bit of a negativity fest over here, but today I wanted to write a more positive post for a change!

When you have a child with an illness that you have little control over it can become easy to forget all the good things and achievements they make everyday, so I was very pleased to receive this little report form nursery showing how well Joe is doing socially and verbally- he is exceeding in so many areas for his age group and it makes me so proud!

As you can see below Joe sat down at nursery during snack time and engaged with the other children, talking to them about advent calendars!

The nursery then reports that he is exceeding in so many areas:

I was so happy to receive this, especially as I had been so down about his health- CF affects so many areas of our lives now it can become overwhelming- things like this remind me that he is so much more than his disability.


Also we have had a bit of a breakthrough with Joe’s eating!! The increase of his reflux medication seems to be working a treat and after only a few days he has started eating pretty normally again (well, normal for him anyway!) The first night he ate a meal without gagging, vomiting and with great gusto rather than taking an hour to eat a few bites me and Rob felt like dancing! But we had to remain calm so as not to break the spell! I understand we’ve got a long way to go yet with his eating issues but it such a relief to see him actually enjoying food again (There’s nothing sadder than seeing a toddler refuse a happy meal!) and we are going to try our best to fatten him up over christmas ready for his next clinic in January.


I always thought it was hard work when he ate us out of house and home, but now I’ve experienced him not eating I don’t think I’ll ever feel bad about his huge appetite again!



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