Bullet Journaling for begginers
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My First Bullet Journal: Bullet journaling for beginners

I have always been interested in journaling, I’ve written diaries since I was a young girl, love note books and have lots and lots of notes, lists, quotes and thoughts typed on my phone and written down in various notebooks, pieces of paper and on the back of envelopes and all around the house. Via Pinterest I came across the idea of Bullet Journals, I was taken in by the artful lettering, use of lists and of course the use of washi tape and multicolored pens, but when I initially looked into it I thought it sounded far too complicated.

Then on a whim this week I decided to search Bullet journals on Youtube to see if there was any inspiration. I came across this video, which is essentially all you need to know from a beginners perspective about bullet journaling.

So bullet journaling in its purest form is keeping a record of all your thoughts, plans, ideas, quotes, shopping lists etc etc basically all your scribbles, in one place and makes them easy to find using a bullet list and indexing formula.

So bullet journaling is not all about washi tape and stationery and pretty doodles. It can be as intricate or as utilitarian as you want it to be. It’s there to suit your needs alone. But for creative types its an excellent way to get some fun and creativity into your day, and a great record for introverts like myself of the inner workings of your mind.

Here is a peek into my bullet journal which I started this week- it’s not as neat and tidy as some but it’s definitely working for me- I love having somewhere I can jot down all my ideas at any time of the day or night, plus I get to use stickers and coloured pencils and stuff which is like one of my favourite things.

Bullet Journaling for begginers
My First Bullet Journal

Above is a picture of my Bullet journal, it was a notebook that Rob bought me for Christmas, it’s lined, with elastic band round to keep all loose bit of paper in and has a handy pocket at the back for keeping important useful stuff in (like stickers and cute post it notes…) I stuck the “hell Yes!” image on the front which is a post card I got from an art exhibition a few years back that I really love.

bullet journal
Handy pocket for all your very important documents….or stickers. Whatever.
bullet journaling
Be as utilitarian….or not….as you like!

I’ve brought some cute stickers and post it notes to add to my collection of…cute stickers and post it notes…..and washi tape and stuff to decorate my bullet journal. You really don’t have to do this but I kind of wanted to.

Bullet journal key

On my first page I put the KEY which is basically a list of bullet points that you use and what they mean so you can understand your own notes. This is as customisable as you want it to be- like the whole system, it fits in with you and your life and style.

bullet journal lists
Shopping list and meal plan

So you can use it for whatever you need like shopping lists and meal plans;

Journalling bullet journals, planner
Weekly planner and monthly goals

Daily,Weekly, monthly or yearly planners, monthly goals, quotes you like;

journalling, things that make you happy, bullet journals
Things that make you happy

For anything you like really that sparks your imagination or helps you to live a more productive life.

So there you have it, a quick peek into the start of my journey into Bullet journalling. Below you can find some excellent ideas and examples of other people’s

bullet journalling
Lists from aspiring bullet journalist

bullet journals from around the web- ENJOY!

bullet journal
Journal from Without Elephants.com
art journals, bullet journaling, sketch books
From Jenny’s sketch book.com
bullet journal
Ideas of what to keep in bullet journal from quill and camera
bullet journals, journaling, diaries, sketch books, art journals
Example pages from boho berry
bullet journals
saving goals boho berry

2 thoughts on “My First Bullet Journal: Bullet journaling for beginners”

  1. Hi there, I really liked that you shared your first bullet journal ideas. I am planning on going through it to co-exist and eventually let go of my depression. I do not know how successful I will be since I have a limited budget, I hate writing and suffering chronic pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome but I will take a shot at it. I wanted to make a bullet journal for financial, mental health, fitness and eating healthy food. Can you please share where you found all the materials, I’m mostly interested in the stickers and anything I can add on my first bullet journal. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, thanks for taking an interest in my post, sorry to hear you are having some health problems, bullet journalling is a good way of keeping track of all sorts of information. I am in no means an expert and the majority of information I found on pinterest, my stickers were from The Range but you can pick them up at lots of places like hobby craft or online. I’d suggest you take a look at pinterest for ideas or take a look at blogs/websites like bohoberry.com or try this Buzz feed article: https://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelwmiller/mental-health-bullet-journal?utm_term=.kwEMxaJ3l
      If you are suffering from depression I really recommend starting a gratitude journal in your bullet journal, but if you are not a fan of writing perhaps consider an art journal instead? Hope this helps in some way!
      Best of luck with your first bullet journal xx

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