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What I’m interested in this week

While I’ve been under the weather I’ve been given more opportunities to sit around and look at the internet! Here are some of the things that have caught my interest this week:


Robin has treated me to a Fitbit-


I’ve gone for a Fitbit One, it’s small and compact and clips onto your pocket or bra strap. The Fitbit is a wireless activity tracker which can record how many steps you’ve taken, floors you’ve climbed, distance you’ve travelled and calories burned in a day. It also can monitor your sleep patterns, has a clock and silent alarm plus if you download the app onto your phone you can also track how much water you drink and your food intake for the day.

It’s a great motivational tool, you can set your own goals, plus link up with friends and try and compete against them to see who can take the most steps. Some of my family have one and they give it a ringing endorsement so I was intrigued.

I’ve only had this for a few days,and I’ve been ill and not very active but already it’s quite addictive- its encouraging as it gets you to move about more in your everyday life without necessary having to do anything special like joining a gym or a class.

What with being ill and stressed out recently I thought it about time to start being a bit more active, get the endorphins going and pump some serotonin into my system! Hopefully being more active will keep me sane and well enough to look after my Joe, whilst also encouraging him to do more activity too!

Sensory play

I have been researching into some sensory play ideas for Joe to see if it will help with some of the issues he has around texture, plus he has been watching a lot of TV recently due to me being ill so I wanted to get back into learning and play again and be a bit more present in my parenting. SO this week I think I’m going to try out some sensory bins, here are a few of the ideas I found on-line that I thought might peek his interest:

Space sensory tub
Dinosaur small world 


Self Care

One thing I have been focused on this week is the idea of self care. As a parent of a child with a disability, as with many parents, I find that I spend less and less time caring for myself. This may seem like a altruistic thing at first but I have soon come to realise you can’t fill a glass with an empty jug.


By this I mean, that as a caregiver, you cannot give to others if you are not looking after your own needs first- simple basic needs like your mental health, eating right, hygiene, exercise, leisure and relaxation and socialising.

I have found this out first hand this year and have been left stressed out, exhausted mentally and physically and now my body has sent me some pretty serious signals to say “hey, you! slow down before you fall down!”

So I have been looking at ways to improve my self care and well being which will in turn make me a better person, mother and wife.

Here is one of the ideas I might try out: The self care coping tool box


What kind of things do you think you would include in a coping tool box? (I’m thinking gin and tonic- lol!) Is it wrong that I’m most interested in decorating the box?!


Art Therapy

I’ve also done quite a bit of research into using art as therapy- I’ve always liked the idea of doing an art journal but have never really gotten round to it, but I do practice art at least once a week with my art group and I find it very relaxing and creatively engaging. Here are some art therapy ideas I’ve been looking at:

Self portraits- what goes on inside your head
Expressive hand prints- your life in the palm of your hand
Art journalling

And to finish, here is my favourite quote of the week:


Hope you’re having a good week!


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