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Easter holidays

Rob, Joe and I have had a brilliant 2 weeks this Easter holiday. We previously have had a rough few months and decided to make the most of everyday that we were all well and the sun was shining!

Here are some photos of what we have been up to this holiday!


We’ve done more sensory play with sand and dinosaurs!

We went to a food festival and for a big play and run around at Ribchester.


We’ve had PJ days and a few lie-ins!

We’ve been to Billy Bob’s and Skipton Castle with Granny and Grandpa- lots of yummy food, sword fights and playing!

Rob and I had a fantastic night away at a beautiful country pub called the “Spread Eagle” at Sawley. Joe had a lovely time with Granny and Grandpa and a morning at nursery while me and Rob had a brilliant time walking round Clitheroe, looking round the shops and having dinner bed and breakfast at the hotel. It was a much needed re-charge for us after a long few months of illness, moving house and work.

We’ve been to Witton Park to play football, play on the park and have some really big muddy walks through the forest.

We’ve been out for lots of coffee and cake (and pulling funny faces!)

We had Nanny and Grandad come to visit and went to feed the animals and ride the tractors at Bowland Wild Boar Park- even wet trousers couldn’t stop Joe who soldiered bravely on wearing daddy’s shirt upside-down as some make shift dungarees!

IMG_6095[1]IMG_6096[1]IMG_6100[1]IMG_6101[1]We had great fun with Nanny and Grandad at Lytham St Anne’s walking on the blustery sand, going on all the rides at the pier and eating some very cold ice cream sheltering from the wind!

We had a fantastic day at Bolton Abbey picnicking and frolicking in the sunshine whilst enjoying the amazing scenery with Auntie Lynne, Uncle Ian and baby Owen!

Joe and Baby Owen – best buddies!
Nice gentle baby hugs!

We’ve been out for breakfast and milkshakes at Bashall Barn!


For adventures and walks round the picturesque village of Waddington

We’ve even been on a boat!

The holiday is not quite over yet, but we have had an amazing time so far and have made lots of happy memories- it’s just what we needed and we may not necessarily feel well rested but we definitely feel happy and blessed!

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what we’ve been up to the past two weeks, and hope you’ve all had a great Easter holiday too!


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