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DIY Birdfeeder craft activity and sensory play

Today is the first of September! And although it may not be officially Autumn until the 22nd September, it’s Autumn term, so that’s enough excuse for me to start celebrating my favourite season!

Today was mine and Joe’s first day back to “normality” as Robin has gone back to work after the long summer holidays, so we have had lots of fun going to the park with Joe riding his bike,IMG_7669

doing some gardeningIMG_7701

and making some DIY Birdfeeders (which also doubles up as sensory play!)


Here’s how to make your own DIY Birdfeeders at home:


You will need-

  • empty toilet roll/ kitchen roll tubes
  • peanut butter
  • a knife or spatula
  • string (or wool)
  • scissors
  • birdseed
  • large tray or baking tin
  • somewhere to hang your bird feeder!

To start you need to cover your toilet roll tube in peanut butter to make it nice and sticky.IMG_7676

Then you need to roll the toilet paper tube in the bird seed until it is covered all over in tasty bird seed. This is a good way to introduce sensory play. You have the soft sticky peanut butter, and the hard bitty seeds which is an interesting mix of textures. We got our hands stuck into the seeds and poured them over the bird feeder like rain and had lots of fun making finger patterns in the tray of seeds.


When the rolls are covered thread through some string and tie the two ends in a knot. Now you are ready to hang your bird feeder in the garden!


We made four so we hung two in the back garden and two in the front garden.




Hopefully the birds will like eating them as much as we liked making them!


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