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Autumn fun!

Autumn begins on the 22nd September officially, but at our house, despite soaring temperatures, the first of September was when the Autumn fun began. Autumn is my favourite season, I love the colours, the food, the clothes, all of it.

We have been doing lots of Autumnal activities as a family and I have been partaking in some Autumn crafts (which are ongoing), come and have a look and see whats been inspiring us in the run up to Autumn!


We have been going on welly boot walks around the local area picking lots of tasty blackberries! Everywhere we have been we take a carrier bag with us in case we see some tasty ripe fruit for the picking! img_78451

With our lovely foraged fruit we have made a tasty apple and blackberry crumble! Here’s a tip for washing freshly foraged blackberries- soak them in a bowl of cold water for around an hour, make sure you fill the bowl with water first then gently tip the blackberries in, this prevents the blackberries getting squashed and damaged by the running water from the tap. Gently swirl the blackberries in the water with your finger tips, this will dislodge an creepy crawlies. Carefully drain the berries and repeat the process if necessary. img_78491img_78511

We’ve not just been foraging for blackberries! We’ve been foraging for all sorts of Autumnal goodies like conkers, acorns, pine cones and rosehips! We’ve used our foraged goods for all sorts of crafts and activities! Joe has even taken some of his foraged items into nursery for there Autumn sensory table!img_78271

We’ve been out and about to all sorts of places collecting goodies, looking at nature and experiencing Autumn hands on!


One of the activities we did at home was some Autumn sensory play! We used the leaves, conkers and Acorns we collected to make prints and paintings!


We also collected Rosehips and I have been attempting to make some Rosehip flavoured gin, its an ongoing process so I will let you know how we’ve got on with the finished products! img_78781img_80331

To top it all off I have been working on some projects to cosy up our house for Autumn including upcycling our old fire place guard.svny56941

We have some other projects in the pipe line (see picture below for a sneak peek!) and will hopefully give you some “how to’s” in the upcoming weeks!


Happy Autumn everyone!


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