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Our top 10 favourite podcasts

This year I have really gotten into listening to podcasts.

Robin has been an avid listener for a few years and convinced me to plug in and listen as a way to keep my mind active whilst doing the more mundane mommy or housework tasks, and to give me something great to listen to whilst out walking.

I was sceptical at first, but now rarely a day goes by that I don’t listen to a podcast episode, especially if I am alone in the car.

Podcasts cover every subject imaginable, but if you’re anything like me you might find the choice a bit overwhelming at first so I thought i’d put together a list of some of the podcasts me and Rob have really enjoyed listening to the past year.

From sport to music, creativity to real life stories we’ve got you covered, why not give one of out top ten a try!

  • Serial-   fans of a good true crime story or a thrilling murder mystery will love this podcast. This true story unfolds week by week (so you must listen to it in order) and at the time of airing the authors didn’t know what would happen next until not long before the listener did. This podcast forces the listener to come to there own conclusions each week and it really feels as though you are helping to solve the mystery.  Me and Rob sat down together in the evenings and listened to these podcasts over the course of a few weeks as an alternative to watching a TV series- we were instantly hooked! Theories went flying and our minds changed more times than we could count in each episode- a great all rounder.
  • Ted radio hour-These podcasts based on TED talks (if you don’t know what these are you are missing out! get on you tube!) are discussions about various ideas, inventions, thoughts and philosophies spanning from food to the environment, religion to happiness, science to ecology- there really is something of interest to everyone- told by some of the most creative and inventive speakers in the world today.
  • The moth-  Real life stories performed live to an audience. You will laugh out loud, you will cry, you will be filled with wonder EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Hear about the doctor who was called upon to save Mother Teresa, The lonely geek who hacked a dating website and became the most eligible bachelor in the UK, or the performance artist who received death threats. Exceedingly entertaining and makes you remember interesting stories from your own life.
  • The cycling podcast– obviously this podcast is aimed at fans of cycling- and anyone who knows Robin will know hes a BIG fan of all things push bike. Three hosts take a weekly look at the ins and outs of professional cycling covering everything from women’s cycling, to track cycling and the professional men’s Peloton. Informative, with knowledgeable hosts whilst also being light hearted- the hosts use their extensive contacts to secure excellent interviewees and insider knowledge.
  • Magic lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert- From the author of the incredibly successful “Eat Pray love” and now the inspirational “Big Magic” in these podcasts Liz Gilbert is like an agony aunt to lost creative souls, helping them to overcome their fears and to create in an authentic, intentional way that is not dependant upon being the best or making your creativity into a career. She not only uses her own expertise to answer listeners problems but gets amazing guest artists from all backgrounds to add their own tailored advice such as the prolific author Neil Gaiman and Amy Purdy the American actress, model, world-class snowboarder and 2014 Paralympic bronze medallist. Inspirational and helpful to all who are suffering from a bit of creative block, or anyone whose ever wanted to be creative but has been scared of failing.
  • My favourite album with Jeremy Dylan Jeremy is an Australian filmmaker, journalist and photographer. He speaks to a guest from the world of music every episode about their favourite album, what that album/band means to them and how the music has influenced their life. Particular highlights for Rob include Jason Isbell talking about the Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers” and Imogen Clarke discussing Ryan Adams “Heart Breaker”. This podcast covers a huge range of music tastes from Stevie Wonder to the Beech Boys- a must listen for music fans.
  • The Minimalists Ever been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of STUFF in your life? Are you in need of some de-cluttering? Interested in how having less can make your life bigger and better? Then this Podcast is for you. Loving People and Using things- not the other way round- is the ethos of this podcast,”The Minimalists” aim to help listeners live a more meaningful life with less.
  • The Football Ramble A long standing football podcast presented by four friends who love the game and talk about it as fans rather than journalists. Funny, informal and may actually teach you something about football between the laughs.
  • The Bodcast  This podcast from Bustle is all about body politics, plus size life and visibility for all body types. If you are a woman who feels like their body type is not positively represented in society, if you know about FATshion, Tess Munster and HAES then this podcast is for you.
  • The Lively show Want to find out how to live a life of intention and authenticity? Interested in living your values? Do you need to be uplifted and inspired? Then this podcast is for you. Presenter Jess Lively is a life coach who helps others to live their best life, whilst also being very open and honest about her own life and trials and tribulations she faces whilst living her values. With excellent guests like Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown this podcast is great for entrepreneurs and women interested in personal growth.

So why don’t you give one of these podcasts a try, let me know if you try any out and what you think or if you have any recommendations for us to try!


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