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Media/Reading deprivation last entry #theartistsway

It’s 17:49 on the last day of my media deprivation challenge. I have until 6 pm when the challenge is finished and I can plug back in, so to speak. (you can read the first part of this media deprivation diary here or find out more about #theartistsway here)


The thing I’ve missed the most is definitely reading. It was touch and go there for a while whether I’d make it but I managed to resist and I got another blog post and poem written plus finished making a sewing project i’d had on the back burner for years.


Today hasn’t been that hard a day as I’ve been too busy to really miss access to media, I wouldn’t have had time to use it that much anyway.

I have to say I’m looking forward to pouring myself a large glass of wine, ripping open my magazine and reading, reading, reading.

I haven’t missed TV, but Robin has missed me watching series with him in the evenings. He’s desperate to get back to the next episode of Orange is the New Black.


In fact even though Rob hasn’t had to deprive himself of media he’s found my participation in this challenge quite hard. It’s made him feel guilty about using media in the evenings when we are together because I can’t and I think it’s made him question how reliant he is on media and smart phone usage too.


He’ll be happy to binge watch Netflix in the evenings again with me guilt free.

Would I recommend the challenge to others? For a day definitely or even for a week if you are struggling with creative block or feel like you are really addicted to your phone/TV or other pacifiers. It’ll be hard, but one weeks not going to kill you. I have written more in these 4 days than I have done in years, I’ve done more chores, slept better, been more present with my husband and child, had more ideas, and generally felt more inspired than I have done in a long time.

Could I give up media forever? No. I like having the world at my fingertips with google, I like browsing Pinterest for ideas, I want to find out what happens to Piper Chapman,


and I definitely want to read more books.

But perhaps in the future I’ll think twice before reaching for my phone, perhaps I’ll stop and pause before letting the next episode on Netflix automatically load and I’d definitely like to continue making more creative use of my time.

But for now its time to read, and google stuff till my eyes bleed.




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