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Joseph’s 4th Birthday!

Hi everyone,

just wanted to share with you some photos of Joe’s 4th birthday celebrations last weekend! Joe decided that he wanted a sleepover with his cousins for his birthday instead of a big party, so we squeezed 10 of us in our two bedroom house over night and had Nanny and Grandad over too but they managed to find refuge in a hotel!

Joe had a lovely time playing with his cousins, visiting the pirate ship playground and eating ice cream even though he found it difficult sharing his new toys- being 4 is hard!

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Joseph had lots of Imaginext batman toys for his birthday that he really wanted, a hotwheels ultimate garage, money and vouchers to buy more toys and lots of other lovely little bits and pieces. Thank you so much to everyone for his  gifts, cards and well wishes.

Can’t believe my little boy is now four years old and off to school in September! He’s grown from a gorgeous little inquisitive baby, to a very clever, very funny handsome little man and we couldn’t be more proud.


Happy Birthday Joseph!


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