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#Reading challenge- 26 books by Dec 31st

I have decided to start a self imposed reading challenge!


My challenge is to read 26 books, that’s the equivalent of one book a week, from now until The end of December.

As a Stay at home parent, carer and housewife I find that I don’t have many challenges or goals that are specifically measurable like you would in a work place situation, for instance, I have a cleaning rota that I do everyday but once that is ticked off my list and the next day comes around I’ve just got to do it again, so it doesn’t feel like the task is ever really completed, it’s just a continuous cycle, a quite literal “wash, rinse, repeat.” So I wanted to choose a few challenges for myself that were measurable, enjoyable and beneficial to my own well being.

My reading challenge will hopefully encourage me to pick up a book instead of my phone, it will be good as well for Joseph to see his mom reading and enjoying reading, now that he is starting school in September and will soon enough hopefully start reading himself.


In line with my reading challenge I will be recording the challenge here on my blog, so if you would like to join in on the challenge or if you want some book recommendations and ideas look no further than my reading challenge posts!


If you would like to read along, the first book I am reading as part of my challenge is “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn, the debut novel from the author of “Gone Girl.” Watch this space every Sunday evening to find out how I got on, and to discover what’s next on the reading list. Happy Reading!



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