The Dry by Jane Harper #readingchallenge book 4

Hi Everyone, this week I read a thriller called ” The Dry” by Jane Harper. It is Harper’s debut novel and was given to me by my father in law to read. Luckily for me he is an avid reader and book buyer with very similar taste in literature to me, plus he is very generous so I often get books and recommendations from him.


Set in the Australian outback in a terrible drought the novel centres around Federal Police investigator Aaron Falk returning to his home town for the funeral of his once best childhood friend Luke and his young family. The only family member to survive is a baby girl, all the other members of the family were slaughtered by Luke, who then killed himself. Obviously there is more than meets the eye to this tale, twenty year old grudges and secrets come to the surface and as the story continues the past and future entwine and questions are raised as to the legitimacy of the murder/suicide charge.

I really enjoyed this book, so much so that I stayed up till one in the morning reading it to find out the conclusion. It builds up slowly, has great character development and lots of twists and turns leading to a surprise conclusion.

I’d give this 5 stars- a definite must read for lovers of crime thrillers, does not disappoint.

Up next we have another Margaret Atwood novel, the third in a trilogy of which I have read the second book without realising it was part of a set! :



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