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“Maddaddam” by Margaret Attwood and the first three Harry Potter novels: books 5-8 on my #readingchallenge

As you may or may not know the Crawshaw family has been away in France for two weeks and therefore I have been unable to keep up with my posts so here is a catch up post for my reading challenge! Whilst on holiday I managed to get through “Maddaddam” and we all listened to the first three Harry Potter novels whilst travelling from Lancashire to Normandy and back again.


“Maddaddam” is the third book in the dystopian novel trilogy by Maragaret Attwood. I have now read the second and third book in the trilogy; “The year of the flood”  and “Maddaddam” but not not the first “Oryx and Crake.”

The novel concludes the story of the man-made plague that has swept the earth and of the small group survivors, along with the  Crakers – a bio-engineered species that was created to replace humans.

“Maddaddam” follows Toby and Zeb, characters from the second book “the year of the Flood” who were once members of the Gods Gardeners, a group of “environmentalists” attempting to bring harmony back to the ravaged world. The book flits forwards and backwards in time through the medium of spoken word stories, journal entries and flashbacks. It shows us a terrifyingly realistic glimpse of what life in our the future could be like, but unlike other dystopian novels this predicted future, though horrific at times, is not necessarily all bleak.

I have to say I struggled reading this book as it has been several years since I read “The year of the flood” and to be honest I didn’t realise at the time it was part of a trilogy. This is a book you really need to read alongside the other novels to really understand it, and therefore I think in the future I may come back to the trilogy again, reading it in order so I can fully appreciate the series.

I did enjoy parts of the book and felt connected to the characters and there plight but as I haven’t read the books in succession I don’t think it fair to give this marks out of 10.


As for the first three Harry Potter books, all of which I have read before; “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”, “Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets” and “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” I really enjoyed sharing these stories with my husband and son on our long arduous car journeys. In fact, the audio books kept four year old Joe silent and rapt for endless hours in the car, making journeys that could have been painful with a little one, much more enjoyable. Me and Rob loved the stories too, and laughed out loud on several occasions, in fact I think the more you read these books, the more you get out of them, and that’s saying something for me because I rarely ever re-read a book.

I give all the Harry Potters 10 out of 10 because you’ve just got to haven’t you- anything that keeps a four year old quiet for a ten hour car journey is a 10 out of 10 for me!

Next up on my reading challenge is “The North Water” by Ian Mcguire.


Happy reading everyone!


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