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“Maddaddam” by Margaret Attwood and the first three Harry Potter novels: books 5-8 on my #readingchallenge

As you may or may not know the Crawshaw family has been away in France for two weeks and therefore I have been unable to keep up with my posts so here is a catch up post for my reading challenge! Whilst on holiday I managed to get through "Maddaddam" and we all listened to… Continue reading “Maddaddam” by Margaret Attwood and the first three Harry Potter novels: books 5-8 on my #readingchallenge

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Hag-seed by Margaret Atwood #ReadingChallenge book 3

Hello everyone, here we are at book three of my reading challenge. This week I read "Hag-seed" by Margaret Atwood. One of my favourite books in the world is "The Handmaids Tale" by Margaret Atwood, I studied it for my GCSE English Literature class and it was the "handmaids Tale" that made me begin to… Continue reading Hag-seed by Margaret Atwood #ReadingChallenge book 3

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Sharp Objects #readingchallenge

Hi Everyone, so here it is, the first book of my reading challenge! Have you guys read it? Let me know in the comments what you thought of it and if you agree with my review! I have given this book 5 stars- I really....well, enjoyed it is probably the wrong turn of phrase, but… Continue reading Sharp Objects #readingchallenge

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#Reading challenge- 26 books by Dec 31st

I have decided to start a self imposed reading challenge! My challenge is to read 26 books, that's the equivalent of one book a week, from now until The end of December. As a Stay at home parent, carer and housewife I find that I don't have many challenges or goals that are specifically measurable… Continue reading #Reading challenge- 26 books by Dec 31st

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Media/Reading deprivation last entry #theartistsway

It's 17:49 on the last day of my media deprivation challenge. I have until 6 pm when the challenge is finished and I can plug back in, so to speak. (you can read the first part of this media deprivation diary here or find out more about #theartistsway here) The thing I've missed the most is definitely… Continue reading Media/Reading deprivation last entry #theartistsway

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Mr Scarcity

My name is Mr scarcity I'll be your friend Just wait and see. I'm in that article you read the one that filled your heart with dread, I'm in the TV, In that book I'm everywhere that you could look I'm in your pocket, on your phone And when you're quiet and alone and your… Continue reading Mr Scarcity

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Media/reading deprivation #theartistsway

I'm on week four of the fore mentioned “The Artists's way.” I have come to the dreaded Media deprivation section. This was originally known as reading deprivation when the book was first written, but because our lives are now so overrun with screens, phones news and media of all forms, it's been changed to media… Continue reading Media/reading deprivation #theartistsway

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The Artist’s Way blog series #theartistsway

I'd heard mention of the book “The Artist's way” by Julia Cameron many a time in various publications, blogs and podcasts over a period of several years. When it was mentioned again in the book “What the most successful people do before breakfast” by Laura Vanderkam that I borrowed from the library last month I… Continue reading The Artist’s Way blog series #theartistsway

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The Elephant in the room #cf

The Elephant in the room He's been there since the day you were born but we were unaware of him until we received an unsolicited knock on the door. He must have slipped in with those nurses while we were off guard Ten foot tall, grey and looming. An unwanted gift is no gift at… Continue reading The Elephant in the room #cf