Recommended read! “A Song for Tomorrow” #cysticfibrosis #alicemartineau #alicepeterson

I have gotten back into reading fiction books recently. I've dipped in and out of fiction books for the past few years, but have mainly been engrossed in non fiction. Somehow this month I'm now on my fourth fiction book, this may not seem a lot to some of you, I know before I had … Continue reading Recommended read! “A Song for Tomorrow” #cysticfibrosis #alicemartineau #alicepeterson


Blue sky. My little boy. Sweeping up leaves with his trusty wooden toy broom, lost in a three year old's busy work. All its meaning in the process. The journey. He's learning how to be big and grown up, where nothing is about the journey any more. We are swept up with the idea of … Continue reading Repeat