Mixed media Vintage Style Christmas Card Tutorial

Today I am doing something a bit different and I am going to try my hand at doing a Christmas card tutorial of sorts to show you how you can make a card similar to the ones shown below. To make these cards you will need: Plain card in the colour of your choice (I… Continue reading Mixed media Vintage Style Christmas Card Tutorial

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Christmas at Nanny and Grandads

We had a lovely Christmas this year, spending most of Christmas week with our family in the Midlands. Due to Cystic Fibrosis related complications it didn't go exactly as planned, but never the less we had a lovely time and made the most of it! Here are some pictures of Christmas! A big thank you… Continue reading Christmas at Nanny and Grandads

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Daddy’s birthday and the Crawshaw Christmas

On the 27th of December it is Robin's birthday. Sometimes it can be an unfortunate time of year to have a birthday because everyone is busy with Christmas, but this year we had a lovely day combining Robin's birthday with meeting up with his family for christmas- we had a lovely day at home opening… Continue reading Daddy’s birthday and the Crawshaw Christmas

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Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

Hope you are all having a great Christmas Eve and festive time up until now!   Here are some of the things we have been making in the run up to Christmas! The cake above I started making in Late november and is based on a recipe from Nigella's Christmas book. The original recipe can… Continue reading Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

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Gratitude Friday

I have to admit that I haven't been keeping up with my gratitude journaling the past few weeks. Now after a bout of rubbish days (mainly financially related) I have decided instead of wallowing in self pity that it is the perfect opportunity to get back to grat!(itude). One of the horrible things that has… Continue reading Gratitude Friday

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Christmas cards

Hi everyone hope you are all having a wonderfully festive December! Just thought I'd share with you some of the Christmas cards I have made this year- it's one of the things I love to do and I re-use material from all sorts of sources on lots of cards so many of the cards I… Continue reading Christmas cards

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Christmas Decorations!

Hi everyone and happy First of December! Christmas has come to the Crawshaw family household, come and take a peek at our festive decorations! We have a 7 foot fake tree in our lounge (Real fir trees can cause complications for people with CF due to mould spores) in the bay window, decorated with a… Continue reading Christmas Decorations!

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Inspiration Wednesday

Hi everyone here are a few things that we have found interesting and inspiring this week! We are very inspired by Richard and Sarah (My big bro and his lovely wife) who have taken the plunge and started there own businesses which they have dreamed of attempting for a long time. It takes a lot… Continue reading Inspiration Wednesday

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Joe’s first christmas- photo collection

Christmas is one of our favourite times of year, and this year has been particularly magical because it's Joseph's first ever christmas! We have been so excited even though Joe has no idea whats happening!  Here are some photos from just before and during Christmas:   Thanks to everyone who helped to make Joe's first… Continue reading Joe’s first christmas- photo collection