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A love letter to myself #selfcare #selfworth #healing #feminine #gender #feminism

I am going through the "Artist's Way: a course in discovering and recovering your creative self" by Julia Cameron for the second time. I loved it the first time I did it, and it really helped me to start making art again after a long period of pushing that side of myself down. I decided… Continue reading A love letter to myself #selfcare #selfworth #healing #feminine #gender #feminism

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Media/reading deprivation #theartistsway

I'm on week four of the fore mentioned “The Artists's way.” I have come to the dreaded Media deprivation section. This was originally known as reading deprivation when the book was first written, but because our lives are now so overrun with screens, phones news and media of all forms, it's been changed to media… Continue reading Media/reading deprivation #theartistsway

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The Artist’s Way blog series #theartistsway

I'd heard mention of the book “The Artist's way” by Julia Cameron many a time in various publications, blogs and podcasts over a period of several years. When it was mentioned again in the book “What the most successful people do before breakfast” by Laura Vanderkam that I borrowed from the library last month I… Continue reading The Artist’s Way blog series #theartistsway


Core Values and living with intention part 1

Values and intention setting PART 1 This year I am trying to get to grips with living in accordance with my values and living with intention. To do this I must understand what values and intentions are. Then I must discover what my personal core values are and how I can implement habits and processes into… Continue reading Core Values and living with intention part 1

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Our top 10 favourite podcasts

This year I have really gotten into listening to podcasts. Robin has been an avid listener for a few years and convinced me to plug in and listen as a way to keep my mind active whilst doing the more mundane mommy or housework tasks, and to give me something great to listen to whilst… Continue reading Our top 10 favourite podcasts