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Joseph’s 4th Birthday!

Hi everyone, just wanted to share with you some photos of Joe's 4th birthday celebrations last weekend! Joe decided that he wanted a sleepover with his cousins for his birthday instead of a big party, so we squeezed 10 of us in our two bedroom house over night and had Nanny and Grandad over too… Continue reading Joseph’s 4th Birthday!

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Blue sky. My little boy. Sweeping up leaves with his trusty wooden toy broom, lost in a three year old's busy work. All its meaning in the process. The journey. He's learning how to be big and grown up, where nothing is about the journey any more. We are swept up with the idea of… Continue reading Repeat

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Update: Cystic Fibrosis, sunshine and nursery

2016 so far has not been the best year for us, although we have had some great moments and our two week Easter holiday was fantastic, health wise 2016 has been and is continuing to be a challenge. Recently we have had to face a number of challenges, Joseph has been in and out of… Continue reading Update: Cystic Fibrosis, sunshine and nursery

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Joseph Update December 2015 #cysticfibrosis

Hi, Just a quick update to let you know what's happening, since the last update Joe's condition worsened and last Thursday we ended up in hospital for tests, Joe was AMAZING and he let them prod him and poke him all morning with no complaints, he had tubes up his nose, things poked in his… Continue reading Joseph Update December 2015 #cysticfibrosis

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Joe’s hospital visit

Hey everyone! Joe had his annual review with the team from Manchester today at hospital and all went AMAZINGLY well! As you may know Joe has always struggled with hospital visits in the past (you can see here a post about how to help your child if they are afraid of the doctors) and gets… Continue reading Joe’s hospital visit

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Why do people with Cystic fibrosis need extra salt?

It's that time of year again, the suns out, we're lathered with sunscreen, craving ice lollies and my 2 year old son has to have liquid salt twice a day. (which is for some reason a nightmare to get hold of from our G.P...but that's another story) Children and adults with Cystic Fibrosis require sodium (salt)… Continue reading Why do people with Cystic fibrosis need extra salt?

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Joe’s toddler #OOTD (That’s outfit of the day to you and me)

Joe is very lucky to have some very posh clothes in his wardrobe, mainly due to his grandparents being unable to resist buying him fancy togs from John Lewis. Every few weeks they come round, arms laden with cute outfits for Joe to wear- many items get chocolate on within three seconds flat but they… Continue reading Joe’s toddler #OOTD (That’s outfit of the day to you and me)

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Easter holidays: Nanny and grandad, southport and “miniature locomotives!”

Over the Easter  holiday we had the pleasure of nanny and grandad coming to stay for Easter weekend and we got up to all sorts, visiting Southport, going on a carousel for the first time, eating chips, flying balloons and visiting the miniature railway village were just some highlights! It was a beautiful sunny day… Continue reading Easter holidays: Nanny and grandad, southport and “miniature locomotives!”

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Cystic Fibrosis- diary entry from a CF sufferers mom.

I wrote this passage in my journal this afternoon and after re-reading it I thought maybe I would share it with you all- my journal is usually very private so consider yourselves lucky to get a sneak peak! I suppose its just a snapshot of what goes on inside the head of a mom of… Continue reading Cystic Fibrosis- diary entry from a CF sufferers mom.