Mindfulness Cleaning activity #RRandJmindfulness ~mindfulness #healing #selfcare

Mindful Cleaning Activity Welcome back to the Mindfulness series at RR and J! If you are new to this series and know little about Mindfulness please feel free to start at my blog post “what is Mindfulness” HERE If you are interested in practising mindfulness but you don't fancy sitting and meditating there are many… Continue reading Mindfulness Cleaning activity #RRandJmindfulness ~mindfulness #healing #selfcare

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What is Mindfulness? #RRandJmindfulness #mindfulness #healing

What is Mindfulness? I, like a lot of people, have had to find various ways of coping and thriving in a world that can seem full of anxiety, sadness, fear and threat. Many times when we are the victims of trauma, or even just when we are taken in with the busyness of everyday life… Continue reading What is Mindfulness? #RRandJmindfulness #mindfulness #healing


Core values and living with Intention part 2

Welcome to Part two of my values and living with intention blog series! If you missed part one, no worries, you can go and read that first HERE. So, in part one we learned what CORE VALUES are.  We also explored how to go about finding out what our personal values are using various techniques.… Continue reading Core values and living with Intention part 2


Core Values and living with intention part 1

Values and intention setting PART 1 This year I am trying to get to grips with living in accordance with my values and living with intention. To do this I must understand what values and intentions are. Then I must discover what my personal core values are and how I can implement habits and processes into… Continue reading Core Values and living with intention part 1

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Building a positive relationship with yourself as a SAHM.

I am a full time SAHM (stay at home mom). This is a job I really enjoy, and I wouldn't have it any other way, it was my choice and my families choice. Being a SAHM has a lot of positives, I get to see my child grow up and be there for every stage… Continue reading Building a positive relationship with yourself as a SAHM.

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Gratitude Friday- gratitude and mindfulness

This week I have been thinking about gratitude in relation to my mindfulness practice, trying to incorporate attention and being aware of what is around me with gratitude and thankfulness. It is easy to remember to be grateful for people for example, when we are prompted. Think of fathers day, mothers day, valentines and wedding… Continue reading Gratitude Friday- gratitude and mindfulness

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Interesting things Wednesday

I am always pinning images from the Girl with curves blog. She always looks great and gives women of all shapes and sizes the confidence and style inspiration that they deserve. I love this image as it reminds me to be accepting of who I am and to not be a perfectionist. This in turn… Continue reading Interesting things Wednesday

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Compassion I myself do not follow any religion but believe we can learn things from a variety of sources including the teachings of various religions, teachers and philosophers, and I am finding that Buddhism ties in with my mindfulness practice. Mindfulness meditation is teaching me that we don't always have to be carried away by our… Continue reading Compassion

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All it takes is Ten Mindful minutes

As I mentioned in Interesting things last Wednesday which you can see here  I have downloaded the Headspace App to test out using mindfulness meditation as a means of combating stress and anxiety. The app is made by Andy Puddicombe who is a former Buddhist monk with a degree in Circus Arts. If you are interested in… Continue reading All it takes is Ten Mindful minutes

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Interesting things Wednesday

Here are some things we have found interesting this week! I love these typography illustrations by Greg Coulson. You can see more of his amazing work here. As someone who suffers from stress, anxiety and panic attacks I have been interested in mindfulness meditation for a while. I have recently downloaded the free ten day… Continue reading Interesting things Wednesday