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A love letter to myself #selfcare #selfworth #healing #feminine #gender #feminism

I am going through the "Artist's Way: a course in discovering and recovering your creative self" by Julia Cameron for the second time. I loved it the first time I did it, and it really helped me to start making art again after a long period of pushing that side of myself down. I decided… Continue reading A love letter to myself #selfcare #selfworth #healing #feminine #gender #feminism

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Blue sky. My little boy. Sweeping up leaves with his trusty wooden toy broom, lost in a three year old's busy work. All its meaning in the process. The journey. He's learning how to be big and grown up, where nothing is about the journey any more. We are swept up with the idea of… Continue reading Repeat

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Mr Scarcity

My name is Mr scarcity I'll be your friend Just wait and see. I'm in that article you read the one that filled your heart with dread, I'm in the TV, In that book I'm everywhere that you could look I'm in your pocket, on your phone And when you're quiet and alone and your… Continue reading Mr Scarcity

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The Elephant in the room #cf

The Elephant in the room He's been there since the day you were born but we were unaware of him until we received an unsolicited knock on the door. He must have slipped in with those nurses while we were off guard Ten foot tall, grey and looming. An unwanted gift is no gift at… Continue reading The Elephant in the room #cf